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It's time for #11DaysofKindness - join us!

September will be here in a heartbeat, so we are asking you to join our movement and put your heart on our Global Map of Kindness this year at Simply visit the home page, scroll down to the map, and click the blue button to register and pledge your act of kindness. Once you fill out the quick form, that puts your community’s heart on the map. It’s free and fun to join in from near, far... wherever you are.

map of the world with heart pins indicating where people have pledged acts of kindness
Global Map of Kindness

Kindness is contagious, and it’s easy and free to be kind. Last year we had acts of kindness in nearly every state and 16 countries... we are hoping to top that this year.

From September 1st through the 11th, we are asking everyone to do a random act of kindness (or three!) for #11DaysofKindness on the anniversary of 9/11. Join the movement and start a ripple effect - wherever you are.

Donate blood or do a good deed for a neighbor, teacher, military or first responder. Gift a stranger a free cup of coffee, or just give them a smile and a kind word.

On September 1st, take a photo or video which describes your pay it forward and post on social media in September with #payitforward911 to inspire others to join the ripple effect.

Thank you to all of you who have already pledged and are keeping the ripple effect of kindness going to honor 9/11 families, survivors, helpers, and heroes and remember those we lost on that tragic day.

zoom in on map of Austin with heart pins describing acts of kindness throughout the city
Our Global Map of Kindness

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