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Donate to keep the ripple effect of kindness going

As an all-volunteer charity, is gearing up for another 11 Days of Kindness. From September 1st to the 11th, we need your help to grow the ripple effect of kindness in 2023.

We rely on corporate or individual donations to help us recruit new participants, develop tools, and promote kindness and unity. We do this as our way to honor the victims and heroes of the 9/11 attacks in New York, Virginia, and Pennsylvania.

You or your group/organization can unite to not only collect and give funds but to perform acts of kindness together. Make a plan for Labor Day weekend:

  • Raise funds and donate to Pay It Forward 9/11 or your favorite charity.

  • Give a stranger a cocktail or a cup of coffee, or just give them a hand with packages.

  • Do a good deed for a neighbor, teacher, or first responder.

  • Smile and start a conversation with a complete stranger. Kindness is free!

Click here to make a donation to support Pay It Forward 9/11, a tax-deductible donation. (We are a 501c3 charity, registered with the NY Charities Bureau.) Your donation helps us create tools like our Kindness for Kids Cards, our school and community toolkits, and recruit ambassadors to our mission of spreading kindness and unity.

Can’t donate? It’s okay! Join us by pledging an act of kindness on our website and put a pin in our Global Map of Kindness to share our message!

Whatever you do, we are with you and would love to hear about it! Email us at to share photos and stories, and use the #11daysofkindness and #payitforward911 hashtags when you post on social media so we can share.

Thank you to all of you who have already donated, and are keeping the ripple effect of kindness going to honor those we lost on that tragic day, 9/11 family members, survivors, helpers, and heroes.

Scan here to donate via Paypal:


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