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Pay It Forward Merchandise

Share your Pay It Forward 9/11 experience with these official items which inspire others.

Pay It Forward 9/11 Wristbands

$63 (300 qty)

Order your silicon bracelet to show your support for Pay it Forward 9/11. Great for employees and students. Order direct from for $63 for 100+200 free, including shipping. Look for promo code discounts.

Send an email to or call Toll Free: 1-877-594-5418, which you can order yourself online, or ask for help from the Chat box.

Reference Order ID: 220654283.

See photo 2 for the exact colors, wording. 

Pay It Forward Smile Cards

$20.95 (100 qty)

For years, Pay it Forward 9/11 participants have used Smile push cards to leave with the recipient of the random act of kindness. It helps explain "what just happened?" and explains how we'd like them to keep this going.

100 Pay it Forward 9/11 cards for $20.95 USD plus tax and shipping.  Available directly from Look for online promo codes for discounts. Discounts for larger quantities also available on the website.


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