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We exceeded our goal of 20,000 good deeds for the 20th anniversary of 9/11 and launched the "11 Days of Kindness and Unity"campaign with the help of Hearst TV News. Subscribe for updates below to join Pay it Forward 9/11 again on Sunday, September 11, 2022.

Paying It Forward

The pandemic has brought worldwide suffering and we encourage businesses, schools, houses of worship and nonprofits to join us in spreading kindness and compassion as a way to restore unity.

Learn about one of the 9/11 victims and dedicate your pay it forward action to their memory.

Organize teams to work together on pay it forward actions. Ask recipients of good deeds to do the same to create a ripple effect. Afterward, bring people together to share inspiring stories.


Our Mission

Watch this 1 minute video and see why this matters.

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In 2002, American Kevin Tuerff began an annual tradition to honor the lives lost in the 9/11 attacks, and also pay tribute to the heroes of Newfoundland, Canada, who showed the world their kindness in 2001. The town of Gander, population 9,000, took care of him and nearly 7,000 other stranded airline passengers from 90 countries for five days when US airspace was closed.

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 Major Donors 

Thank you to these individual donors. Donate here.

Pay it Forward Heroes


Ted Smith (Austin, TX )

Irene Sankoff and David Hein (New York City/Toronto)

Kevin Tuerff (Austin, TX)

Walmart #5470 (Plugerville, TX)


Pay it Forward Champions:

Elizabeth and Joe Pendleton (Seattle, WA)

Walmart #4163, 2801 Whitestone Blvd. (Austin, TX)

Walmart #1129, 13201 RR 620 (Austin, TX)

Walmart #2991 (Cedar Park, TX)

Pay it Forward Advocates

Rhonda & Kevin Andrews (Austin, TX)

Sara Beechner & Mark Aitala (Austin, TX)

Christopher & Joann Bjornson (Washington, DC)

Amy Borowski (Austin, TX)

Micheal Hemmerich, (Washington, DC)

John Martin

Maureen Murray and Sue Riccardelli (Morris Plains, NJ)

Antonio Monteiro (Queens, NY)

Heather Saupe

Randi Shade & Kayla Shell (Austin, TX)

Greg & Jayne Tuerff (Nashville, TN)

Jeff & Lynn Tuerff (Franklin, TN)

Ben Walker (Kansas City, MO)

Walmart #3569, 12900 IH-35, South Service Rd. (Austin, TX)

Pay it Forward Friends

David C.  Allen (Austin, TX)

David Escamilla (Austin, TX) 

Lisa Enaire

Clare Gillis

Mark Jasonowicz

Margaret Jenner

Teresa Labrie

Theresa Piliero 

Kami Power (Wichita, KS)

Molly & Ed Sharpe (Austin, TX)

Kathleen Smith (Austin, TX)

David Sullivan (Austin, TX)

Tava Wilson

Helen Harden (Arlington, VA)

Maddox Insurance Agency, Inc. (Austin, TX)

Kenneth & Rosemary Willman (Seattle, WA)

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