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We need your help to perform at least 22,000 good deeds for 2022 Pay it Forward 9/11 by Sept 11. We said we would "never forget" those who perished on 9/11.

Inspired by compassionate Canadians on 9/11, our tradition began 20 years ago, on the first anniversary of the attacks. This year, our aim is to restore the kindness and unity the world witnessed in 2002. Last year, we launched the "
11 Days of Kindness and Unity"campaign and we need your help to repeat it again.
Encourage houses of worship, schools and business to join "11 Days of Kindness and Unity"(Sept 1-11).
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Paying It Forward

Our vision is to help develop communities where harmony grows through individual "pay it forward" actions and the ripple effect they cause. You're invited to perform 3 good deeds to strangers each September 11th, then ask recipients of good deeds to do the same to create a ripple effect.

Learn about one of the 9/11 victims and dedicate your "pay it forward" in their memory.

We need your help to organize teams to work together on Pay it Forward 9/11 where you live. See our tips and toolkits for volunteers. 


Our Mission

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Our mission is to promote random acts of kindness and compassion every September 11th to honor lives lost in the 9/11 attacks.

In 2002, American Kevin Tuerff began this annual tradition so we never forget the tragedy, and also to pay tribute to the heroes of Newfoundland, Canada, who showed him and the world their kindness in 2001. The town of Gander, population 9,000, took care of him and nearly 7,000 other stranded airline passengers from 90 countries for five days when US airspace was closed.


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Pay it Forward Hero
Ted Smith, Austin
Tom & Alex Maher, Austin

Pay it Forward Champion
Kevin Tuerff, NYC

Pay it Forward Advocate
Christopher Bjornson, Washington, DC
Chris Gallin, NYC
Paul Milakovich, Jupiter, FL
Chana Odom, Waverly RI
Brian & Jana Tuerff, Austin, TX 
Greg & Jayne Tuerff, Nashville, TN
Jeff & Lynn Tuerff, Nashville, TN
Jim & Julie Tuerff, Nashville, TN
Ben Walker, Kansas City, MO

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